By-Law Enforcement

The Municipality of Pictou County has a By-Law Enforcement Officer that oversees the enforcement of the County’s By-Laws that include dangerous and unsightly properties, animals at large, removal of deceased whales and seals from beaches as well as dog control.

Dangerous and Unsightly Properties include properties that are partly damaged, decayed, deteriorated or in a state of disrepair so as to be dangerous, unsightly or unhealthy.   A complaint can be filed with the Municipality of Pictou County and the By-Law officer will investigate to determine what, if any, action is needed.

The Animal At Large By-Law states that no owners shall allow their animals to be at large, either on private or public property, within the limits of the Municipality.  

The Dog By-Law states that dogs can be impounded if a dog is running at large, is a fierce or dangerous dog,  is rabid, or appears to be rabid or exhibiting symptoms of canine madness, or persistently disturbs the quiet of the neighbourhood by barking, howling or otherwise.   

Dog owners should also have their dogs registered with the Municipality of Pictou County.  Tags can be purchased at the county office which allows the County to identify a dog running at large and return it to their owner.   Dogs that are running at large, not tagged, nor identified, will be taken to the Pictou County SPCA. If they dog is not claimed within 72 hours, the dog will be rehomed by the SPCA. 

The Municipality of Pictou County’s By-Law Enforcement Officer can be reached at 902-485-8640.   A complete list of By-Laws can be found under Municipal By-Laws.

Complaint Form for Dog Control,  Dangerous and Sightly Properties and Removal of Mammal from Beaches.