Warden's Message

Robert Parker District 11
Dear Residents of the Municipality of Pictou County, 

On behalf of our rural municipality, I wish you and yours good health during these very trying times as we work our way through the Covid-19 crisis. 

The last time I touched base, many of you were dealing with the aftermath of the closure of Northern Pulp.  That was and still is, for many in our County, a major economic challenge for both individuals and businesses.

In many ways, this is an even bigger challenge as it is a “life or death” situation and affects each and everyone of us. For quite a few of our residents, it is one big challenge on top of another. 

I want to assure all of you that our rural municipality continues to function and supply the services that you need and expect, albeit in a different fashion.  Our Municipal Offices in Pictou are closed but the staff is operating virtually by phone and computer.  Many of our staff are working at home and can be reached at their regular work phone numbers. Paperwork can still be moved around, if so needed, by Canada Post or email.

A very important component of our work that must be continued is service to our water and sewer customers.  Rest assured that the service will continue with contingency back up plans to protect our staff and assure timely service and safety to our users.

There will be no public meetings at our Council offices until further notice.  Your Council will continue to meet via teleconference to make the important decisions that are necessary including a budget, capital, high-speed internet and other important matters that move our rural Municipality forward.

I want to thank our staff for all the hard work and flexibility they have shown in the last short while to allow us to continue to serve you.  Check our website regularly as this situation evolves.  Be sure to contact your councillor if you have inquiries.  Take care of yourself and each other and we will make it through this together.

Warden Robert Parker
Municipality of Pictou County