Internet Performance Test

To Take the Internet Performance Test Please Click Here:

What is the Internet Performance Test?

  • A free tool that measures your Internet speed and service quality and gathers the results
  • It helps plan broadband service for your region
  • Developed by the Canadian Internet Registration Authority (CIRA) and applied in partnership with i-Valley, a not-for-profit ‘smart region’ creator. 


Why participate?     

  • Participating will ensure that the Internet speed and quality needs of your area will be known for planning purposes. 
  • You will help the County obtain a neutral view of the needs of the entire region, for network planning purposes. 


What is required?

  • Just go to this link and click on the “START” button.  In 30 seconds, the test will be done.
  • Take the test as often as possible, to show how results vary over time.
  • Those without any Internet connection can go to a connected facility, browse to the Pictou IPT Web site, and click on “If you wish to inform us of a location without internet access, click here.”.   They will then have the opportunity to place a pin on the map. 


Is my information shared with other organizations?

  • Your information is secure and private, known only to Pictou County, CIRA and i-Valley.
  • A representation of the speed in your area will appear as a colour-coded reference on a map of the region, visible to you on the Test web site.

 For additional information on the Municipality's Rural Internet and Cellular Coverage Project please visit our project page.