Rural Internet Project

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For the residents of the Municipality of Pictou County (MOPC), the creation of a high-speed communications network has been one of the most urgent and pressing concerns.The Municipal Council has responded and is in the beginning stages of the construction of a broadband network that will bring high-speed and affordable coverage to 100% of residents.  The project involves a $25-million municipal investment that returns revenues for further investment in future upgrades.  It will usher in an era of expanded economic and social growth for Pictou County residents.   

The network will provide 100% coverage for all residents.  Service quality will meet or exceed Canadian standards, and pricing will be competitive and equitable.  Because the network is “Open Access”, all Internet Service Providers are welcome to offer services—a benefit that will provide variety and ensure good consumer value.

After a period of planning and review by MOPC’s consultants i-Valley, a consortium led by Nova Communications was chosen to perform the engineering planning and network construction.  The consortium includes international and local companies.

The first phase of the rural broadband project is already underway, but the full network roll-out is projected to be in 2020. To stay in the loop, like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter or check back here for updates throughout this exciting project.  More information on the project and the role of digital networks in today’s economy can be found here, A Story of a Network. 

Further questions about this project can be directed to Sueann Musick, Communications Officer for the Municipality of Pictou County, at 902-485-2238 or