Don Bulter


Don Bulter Disrict 7

843 Bailey’s Brook, Ardness Road, Ardness

RR#1 Merigomish, NS, B0K 1G0

Phone: 902-926-2589


District 1:  Ardness, Avondale, Bailey’s Brook, Barney’s River Station, Broadway, Egerton, French River, Indian Lake, Kenzieville, Laggan, Lismore, Lower Barneys River, Marsh,  Marshy Hope, Meiklefield, Merigomish, Merigomish Harbour, Piedmont, Ponds,  Rossfield, Sutherlands River, Telford, Upper Barneys River and Woodfield.

Committees:  Ad Hoc Recreation and Strategy, Heritage Advisory, Ivor MacDonald Memorial Rink, Pictou County Firefighters Association Liaison, Planning Advisory Committee, Riverton Guest Home Corporation.