2020 Municipal Election

Municipal Elections will take place in the province on October 17, 2020.  Nomination day for candidates is September 8, 2020, but appointments can be made a week l leading up to this date.   

Returning Officer for the Municipality of Pictou County is Josephine MacDonald and she can be reached by calling 902-485-2248 or by emailing returningofficer@munpict.ca

Find more information on being a candidate in a municipal election here: Candidates-Guide.pdf 


The Municipality of Pictou County has decided only electronic votes will be cast in its fall municipal elections.

Municipal elections in Nova Scotia are scheduled to take place on October 17, 2020 and with the uncertainties surrounding COVID-19 and the likelihood that social distancing restrictions will still be in place, councillors voted 11-1 in favour of doing away with paper and to have a completely electronic voting system.

Electronic voting was done in the 2016 municipal election combined with paper ballot voting on election day.  About half of the votes received in that election were cast electronically which can be online or over the telephone.

Some councillors expressed concern that people will not vote if they cannot mark an X on a piece of paper at a polling station while the lack of internet service in Pictou County might prevent others from voting electronically.

However, staff said voting can be done over the telephone, so internet service is not needed, and a help desk will be set up for people who need assistance.   Eliminating paper ballots reduces the number of election workers and polling stations as well as the need for people to come together in large crowds under social distancing restrictions.

More information on electronic voting will be released soon as details become available.  Updates will be posted on our website, www.county.pictou.ns.ca

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