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Welcome and Introduction

The Municipality of the County of Pictou is the local government responsible for providing services to the citizens in the rural communities of Pictou County. The Municipality has a population of approximately 20600 and is the largest of the six municipal governments located in Pictou County. The Municipality provides services in the areas of public works, some local roads, sewer and water, recreation, in addition to other municipal services and governance.

78753763 1028473037489013 5463704837285740544 n3Congratulations to Mike McKenzie, left, building inspector for the Municipality of Pictou County, on receiving his 25 years of service award. He was present in a certificate in recognition of his service by MOPC Warden Robert Parker.

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All the salt used on Nova Scotia roads in winter comes from a mine in Pugwash. According to the Mining Association of Nova Scotia, it has been employing Nova Scotians and keeping us safe since 1959 when the Malagash salt mine closed. Salt reduces car crashes by 88%.
The purpose of road salt is not to melt snow, but to stop it from freezing to the pavement. This makes it easier to plow. Salt works by dissolving in water and creating brine on roads that has a lower freezing temperature than pure water.

Important phone numbers: 

TIR OPERATIONS CONTACT CENTRE:  Since the majority of roads are provincially owned, one avenue of contact is through your local MLA’s office, but you can also contact the Department of Transportation and Infrastructure Renewal’s Operations Contact Centre which is open 24 hours, seven days a week.  The Operations Contact Centre can be reached locally at 902-755-7060 or toll-free at 1-844-696-7737.  Emails can be sent to

If emergency assistance is required in rural Pictou County for issues regarding water, wastewater or municipal roads, please call:  
PUBLIC WORKS – 902-485-4085 between 8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. Monday to Friday.   If there is not a Public Works staff member in the office to immediately answer your call, it will be transferred to voicemail and a second number will be available for emergency calls.  It is 902-301-1825 and this phone is carried by a Public Works staff member 24/7.